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Delta flight returns to Atlanta airport after 'engine issue'

By Leslie Tripp, CNN
  • NEW: Passenger describes a rough landing after engine trouble
  • Airline spokeswoman could not say what the problem was
  • The flight was headed to Los Angeles
  • 174 passengers were on the plane

(CNN) -- A Delta Air Lines plane returned to Atlanta's main airport after the crew experienced an "engine issue," the airline said early Tuesday morning.

Airline spokeswoman Chris Kelly Singley could not elaborate on what the problem was, saying she had heard varying reports.

"A few moments after the plane took off, there was somewhat a loss of power and some passengers noticed a noise," said passenger Eric Psalmond. "We turned around and the flight crew announced that everything was fine and that we were just turning around and going back to the airport -- back for landing."

Flight 1323 took off from Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport and was headed to Los Angeles. Shortly after, the Boeing 757 returned to the airport, Singley said.

Another passenger described the plane's rough landing.

"She stepped on the brakes very hard," Bert Rudman told CNN affiliate WSB. Once the plane came to a stop, Rudman said, the order to evacuate was given.

"The doors popped off and the flight attendant started encouraging people to move quickly and leave everything on the airplane," Rudman said.

Psalmond said, "Most everyone was calm and collected but there was a little sense of urgency."

Delta said the 174 passengers on board would be taken to Los Angeles on another flight while the plane is examined.