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Delta: Passenger subdued after trying to open emergency door

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Authorities say one person in custody faces a charge of interfering with a flight crew
  • An off-duty cop helped the crew restrain the passenger; no one was injured, Delta says
  • Spokeswoman: Pressurization prevents opening emergency doors in flight
  • The incident comes on heels of three security incidents aboard U.S. flights on Sunday

(CNN) -- A passenger became disruptive and attempted to open an emergency door on a Delta Air Lines flight bound from Orlando to Boston on Tuesday night but was subdued by passengers, a spokeswoman for the airline said.

No one was injured in the incident aboard Delta Flight 1102, spokeswoman Susan Elliott said. She said the passenger would not have been able to open the door in flight because of pressurization.

The flight landed safely Boston Logan International Airport late Tuesday night.

Massachusetts State Police said they had one person in custody on suspicion of interfering with a flight crew. More charges could follow, the agency said in a statement, and troopers were interviewing witnesses Tuesday night.

An off-duty police officer on board assisted the crew in subduing the passenger, and they managed to get the situation "under control fairly quickly," Elliott said. The officer then sat with the passenger for the remainder of the flight.

Several passengers told CNN affiliates they had no idea someone was trying to open an emergency door mid-flight.

"I knew that someone moved behind us, and that was about it," Suzanne Thibault told WCVB.

Another passenger praised the captain of the flight for how he handled the situation.

"He was just so calm," she said. "He said, 'Don't worry about anything. The police are going to come on and take care of an individual that we have on the back of the plane.' ... Nobody really panicked or anything."

A third passenger said about eight troopers got on board the plane.

The incident marked the fourth in-flight security situation aboard a U.S. domestic flight in less than three days, and the third in which an unruly passenger who appeared to be attempting to open secure doors aboard a plane had to be subdued.

A passenger aboard an American Airlines flight bound from Chicago to San Francisco on Sunday night was restrained by passengers and crew while attempting to force his way through the cockpit doors shortly before the plane landed. Earlier Sunday, a passenger aboard a Continental flight bound for Chicago from Houston had to make an unscheduled stop in St. Louis because a passenger got out of his seat, rushed to the front of the airplane and attempted to open a flight door.

Also on Sunday, a Delta flight bound from Detroit to San Diego was diverted to Albuquerque, New Mexico, after a flight attendant found a suspicious note in a lavatory, a Transportation Safety Administration official told CNN.