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Your best Seattle trip tips readers offer their suggestions for a great time in Seattle. readers offer their suggestions for a great time in Seattle.
  • Seattle's lush, green summer gets rave reviews from one reader
  • commenters recommend chef Tom Douglas' downtown restaurants
  • Ride the Bainbridge Ferry across the Puget Sound for great views of the city

(CNN) -- CNN's Patrick Oppmann recently shared his suggestions for visitors to his adopted hometown of Seattle, Washington. readers had a lot to say about the city, which is headed into its much-anticipated summer season.

"My favorite part is that, in the summertime, everything stays GREEN. With the blue sky, blue water, blue and white mountains on every side and the green, green grass and trees, it is something to behold all right," wrote a reader with the handle 1k9m8c1.

As the short, rainy days give way to sunshine "the Northface parkas get ripped off, the Keens and the Chacos come out, and acres of pasty, sunstarved flesh are thrust into the light."

For visitors planning a trip to Seattle as the city sheds layers and springs into summer, here are some of readers' best tips:

Best views of the city and the setting sun

For city views at a fraction of the cost of the Space Needle's observation area, one reader recommends the Columbia Tower downtown. "Better view, better price, and no one knows about it!"

For the best sunset views, try Salty's on Alki. "Get a table near the window and you will see the most spectacular (sight) as the sun reflects off the buildings downtown," wrote commenter Yogababy.

DaveinIndy recommends the view from the Bainbridge Ferry as you go across the Puget Sound to Bainbridge Island and back.

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Best bites

The name Tom Douglas came up a lot in food discussions. Multiple commenters recommended the downtown Seattle restaurants owned by the award-winning local chef and his wife.

Commenter CM2BTHD took exception to CNN reporter Oppmann's recommendation of How to Cook a Wolf, offering the Tom Douglas restaurants "all within three blocks of each other in the downtown Seattle core" as a better alternative.

"Lola. Dahlia Lounge. Palace Kitchen. Serious Pie. Dahlia Bakery. I recommend Lola for breakfast. Opens at 7 a.m. most days. You'll never know how you managed to eat so damned many potatoes," CM2BTHD wrote.

Kakash recommended Buenos Aires, complete with a tango-dancing staff, for a "very entertaining night out."

Pasta Freska on Westlake Avenue is a favorite with commenter andman. This small Italian restaurant skips the dinner menu altogether. "Just tell the owner, Mike, what you like and don't like, and the plates start rolling out. Amazing place!"

For brunch, the 5 Spot in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood, gets reader frommet's vote. "Super fun and very Seattle! I lived in Capitol Hill for three years and went there every weekend."

The same commenter also recommends Top Pot Doughnuts, although he suggests skipping the coffee there.

Seattle's coffee scene soaks up a lot of the spotlight, but the region's wines should not be overlooked.

Yogababy was a French wine snob before moving to Seattle. "Once I got to (Washington), I only drank WA wines and there are some excellent ones! Hedges, Chateau St. Michelle, Columbia Crest."

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DaveinIndy, who recommended a ride on the Bainbridge ferry, also offers this suggestion: "A day trip to Mount Rainier and/or Olympic National Park is also spectacularly rewarding. Rainier is truly king of the mountains in the continental U.S."

What's missing? Share your top spots below.