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A megayacht built for seeking adventure

By Diane M. Byrne, SuperYachtWorld
  • Go-anywhere yachting takes on new meaning with "Big Fish"
  • Yacht is brainchild of Richard Beattie, who wanted a boat that inspired adventure
  • Features include a video wall that rises up two levels

(SuperYachtWorld) -- What happens when an owner with bold ideas commissions a 45-meter yacht to venture where few have gone before? The result is "Big Fish," a new yacht that's bringing fresh meaning to go-anywhere yachting.

Just consider some of the yacht's ambitious upcoming trips: Besides the vast white continent encompassing the South Pole, these include the formerly impassable but no less challenging North East Passage. Warm-weather destinations like the Amazon are on "Big Fish's" itinerary, too -- an itinerary that has seen her cover more than 10,000 miles to date of a polar circumnavigation.

So just what is it about "Big Fish" that makes her so special? Try being the first yacht to feature stone decking. Longer-lasting and more environmentally responsible than teak, the quarter-inch square granite slabs require less maintenance, including no sealant. They're essentially impervious to impact, too.

That same granite decking covers the fold-down balconies off each side of the dining area and the fold-down "wings" surrounding the transom. No mere places to stand and watch the sunset, these platforms can support a table and chairs when guests wish to enjoy an incomparable dining experience.

And when's the last time you were aboard a yacht with a video wall rising up two levels? It's forward of a set of floating stairs that fold up via an electric winch to improve the viewing experience from the saloon and dining area. Beattie and guests can use it to watch a movie or their favorite sporting event, and even display photos and video footage from the day's dive.

Diane M. Byrne is the owner and editor of Megayacht News.

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