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Five unforgettable cockpit-view videos

By A. Pawlowski, CNN
The latest cockpit-view video shows a stunning approach to Los Angeles International Airport in California.
The latest cockpit-view video shows a stunning approach to Los Angeles International Airport in California.
  • Online videos show some of the magnificent views pilots see from the cockpit
  • Night landing in Los Angeles showcases the region's beauty
  • One pilot calls cockpit perspective "by far the best office view in the world!"
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(CNN) -- The world always seems magical through a plane window, with the Earth looking peaceful and majestic from 35,000 feet in the air.

Now imagine seeing it in panorama, the way pilots do.

You may not ever get a chance to visit a plane cockpit in flight, but there are plenty of great online videos that show what the view is like.

Here are some of our picks:

Night landing in Los Angeles

It's hard not to get goose bumps watching this magnificent approach to Los Angeles International Airport as the sun sets and the city is illuminated below. (The pumping music, "Los Angeles" by Sugarcult, adds to the ambiance.)

You'll see Malibu, the Pacific Coast Highway and the tangle of streets that make up downtown L.A. along the way. Cars zipping down the city's busy interstates look like blood pulsing through a creature's arteries as the plane turns and maneuvers toward the airport.

The video reveals another detail that pilots see all the time, but passengers never do: City lights reflecting from the nose of the plane.

KLM Boeing 747-400 landing in St. Maarten

It's a sunny day on this Caribbean island as the jumbo jet prepares to land. There's no accompanying music, but the cockpit computer does a lot of the talking just before the plane touches down at an airport in the middle of a tropical paradise.

Can you spot the white-sand crescent beach just at the tip of the runway and the sailboats bobbing in the water nearby?

737 Landing in the French Riviera

You may be tempted to book a trip to Nice, France, after watching this stunning approach to the airport. The trip showcases the region's famous azure waters and beautiful coastline.

Dusk landing in Geneva

The pilot who posted this video calls it "by far the best office view in the world!" and you can't help but agree. A setting sun gives the sky an orange glow as the 737 makes its way toward an illuminated runway.

Landing at the Courchevel ski area in France

An airport seems to appear out of nowhere as a propeller plane flies through a landscape dominated by snowy mountains and lush forests.

It's approaching an airport that's been called one of the most dangerous in the word, with a short uphill runway located in the French Alps. So perhaps the view isn't foremost on the pilot's mind, but it leaves a big impression on the viewer.