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Female tech influencers and their ... hairstyles?

Wpromote, a search engine marketing firm, created the "Which Female Tech Influencer Are You?" infographic.
Wpromote, a search engine marketing firm, created the "Which Female Tech Influencer Are You?" infographic.
  • Wpromote created "Which Female Tech Influencer Are You?" to inspire people
  • Marissa Mayer, Sheryl Sandberg and three other women were included in the infographic
  • The quiz is drawing attention to notable women in tech, Evans said

(CNN) -- The most notable women in technology probably don't spend all day thinking about hairstyles and dinner parties. But according to a bright pink infographic making its way around the web, you can tell a lot about some of the world's most tech-savvy women based on their hairdos and extracurriculars.

In hopes of inspiring people, Wpromote, a search-engine marketing firm located south of Los Angeles, created "Which Female Tech Influencer Are You?" -- an infographic reminiscent of a teen magazine quiz.

The flow chart comes complete with arrows, cartoons and five possible answers in the form of female tech influencers.

The women? Marissa Mayer, Google VP; Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook; Natalie Massenet, Net-A-Porter founder; Caroline McCarthy, journalist and Sarah Evans, a public-relations professional.

"They are all unique," Maria Sass of Wpromote wrote. "However, they all share one common theme: They inspire women at Wpromote on a daily basis, and hopefully now they can inspire you too."

The infographic, which was created in response the lack of female representation in "The Evolution of the Geek" -- a flowchart that was passed around the web last year -- caught some flak from sites like TechCrunch and

"Female success has been reduced to a series of key decisions concerning shoes ... and white wine spritzers," Jenny Williams of wrote.

But Sarah Evans, "PR pro and Twitter sweetheart," as the infographic calls her, says the quiz is doing exactly what it's supposed to do -- getting our attention.

It's light-hearted and brings visibility to women in technology, Evans told CNN.

"If women are a little turned off by it, that's awesome," she added. "Create your own. Offer up another discussion."

Though Evans ended up picking herself the one time she took the quiz, she said, "I can see how easy it is not to."

One of the final questions asks, "Who is your dream man?" The last option, "Chicago Cubs fan," points directly to Evans, who, ironically, supports the rival St. Louis Cardinals.

But, other than that, she said, it's obvious the creators "pay attention to what I do."

So gals (and, OK, guys) ... which female tech influencer are you?


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