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Report: 'Angry Birds' will become animated series

Doug Gross
The wildly popular "Angry Birds" game could become an animated series, CEO says.
The wildly popular "Angry Birds" game could become an animated series, CEO says.
  • CEO says plans are under way for an "Angry Birds" animated series
  • Rovio chief Mikael Hed calls a show based on the game a "personal big focus area"
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(CNN) -- Apparently, conquering those smarmy, snickering pigs on your phone, laptop or other mobile device isn't enough.

Now, the "Angry Birds" may be migrating to your television.

Mikael Hed is CEO of Rovio Mobile, the Finland-based company that created the ridiculously popular mobile game -- in which players solve physics puzzles by flinging an armada of irritated avians at structures housing the porcine adversaries who stole their eggs.

According to [subscription required], a British television-industry site, he said plans are under way for an animated series.

"We have been looking at that for quite a while, and that is definitely one of my personal big focus areas right now -- to work on broadcast content for 'Angry Birds,' " he told the site.

The addictive game has spent time as the number-one paid iPhone app in at least 60 countries. Launched originally on Apple's iOS operating system, "Angry Birds" expanded rapidly in 2010 and is now available on multiple platforms including Android, PC and Symbian and traditional gaming consoles.

An animated series would be a logical next step for the game, which has been a leader in a recent surge of casual games that have appealed to non-traditional gaming audiences. Well beyond app-store success, "Angry Birds" is on the brink of becoming a cultural phenomenon.

In addition to a successful spin-off game, "Angry Birds Seasons," Rovio offers a line of plush toys and iPhone covers inspired by the game.

And Rovio is partnering with classic gamemaker Mattel on a board game, due out in May, that will let players fling their angry birds in real life.

The game also spurred a viral video, from an Israeli comedy show, in which the birds and pigs embark upon an ill-fated effort to sign a peace treaty.

Hed did not say whether an "Angry Birds" series would be web-based or for television.


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