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Stylish, Stateside wedding-watching options for the uninvited

By Michelle Wright, CNN Radio
At their Wedding Pavilion, Walt Disney World's mouse house is throwing a viewing party that starts at 4 a.m.
At their Wedding Pavilion, Walt Disney World's mouse house is throwing a viewing party that starts at 4 a.m.
  • The mouse house is throwing a viewing party at Walt Disney World's Wedding Pavilion
  • W Atlanta in Buckhead is offering Royal Wedding packages
  • L.A.'s Cat and Fiddle is having a Thursday night "Bachelor Party"

(CNN) -- The official guest list from the Royal Wedding was released earlier this week, and odds are you didn't see your name on it. So, for us commoners and noncelebrities there are ways we can celebrate like royalty while toasting William and Kate. Countless events will be going on around the country, but a few stand out.

First off, what better place to get into the fantasy of an everyday girl becoming a princess than in Disney World?

At its Wedding Pavilion, the Mouse House is throwing a viewing party starting at 4 a.m. ET and running until 8 a.m., so you'll be able to fit it in before work. More than 500 people will be on hand, either in their pajamas or in "princess or prince attire" to watch Prince William and Kate Middleton say "I do" on a large screen.

As part of the free event (yes, Disney is doing a free event) guests will get an English-inspired breakfast, and an opportunity to get a picture with Cinderella's coach (great if I'm dressed up like a princess, but in pajamas? not sure about that).

If you're in Atlanta, the W Atlanta in Buckhead is offering Royal Wedding packages.

You can get a room on Thursday night and party at the Whiskey Blue's Hen and Stag night, which features British tunes and drinks, along with a minister/concierge who will marry you right there if you'd like for just $169. The next day you get a specialized wake-up call, tea service for two and your own TV to watch the royals' special day.

Or you could head over to Atlanta's Piedmont Park, aka The Central Park of the South. There will be a huge tent with several large screen TVs available to view Kate's walk down the aisle.

Atlanta bride-to-be Kristen Bouck will be there with her best friend.

"Having the royal wedding be at the park is basically like a godsend," Bouck said. "I mean, the royal wedding is being shown at where I'm getting married. So, I think that's...great to see too."

It's also doubling as a bridal expo and fundraiser for the Piedmont Park Conservancy, explains Monica Thornton.

"It's a great chance to see the princess get married, vision their own wedding and right there on the site, go ahead and start talking to those vendors and making sure their day is perfect, and that Piedmont Park is probably the place where they're going to do that."

So for $30 you can see the wedding, and then make all the plans for your very own marriage to your Prince.

Maybe if you're not trying to leave the house that early in the morning, you can do what Emma Irwin, a stateside Brit, is doing. Brewing some English breakfast tea, grabbing some crumpets, waking up her daughter and watching the fairy tale right from the comfort of their own couch.

"We kind of complain a lot but, we do love a royal wedding," Irwin said. "I know, I was very excited, when Charles and Diana first came on to the balcony at Buckingham Palace and they gave 'the kiss' for, for their country, and I really look forward to seeing 'the kiss' from William and Kate. I think they're going to do really, really well together."

If you're out on the West Coast, maybe in L.A. where the wedding will begin at midnight, there are things to do both Thursday and Friday.

For example, the Cat and Fiddle and Fox and Hounds are doing a Thursday night "Bachelor Party" celebration. Then, come midnight, Cat and Fiddle and the White Harte pub will be showing the nuptials live. In fact at the White Harte you can get flowers, cake, champagne and party favor pins that say, "I attended the royal wedding at the White Harte Pub."

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