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Beyonce wows surprised shoppers in London

By Phil Han, CNN
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Beyonce talks about race and Obama
  • Beyonce surprised shoppers at London department store Harrods
  • The singer arrived to purchase a copy of her CD
  • Beyonce's new album "4" out now

The full interview airs on CNN on Monday, June 27, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

London, England -- Fresh from her exhilarating performance at the Glastonbury Festival, Beyonce stunned surprised shoppers in London when she arrived to purchase a copy of her own album.

The 29-year-old arrived with CNN's Piers Morgan at London's Harrods department store to film a portion of an upcoming edition of "Piers Morgan Tonight."

The singer arrived to see an eager group of fans and shoppers patiently waiting in the hopes they would meet the singer.

"It was absolutely amazing that we got to see her," Jacqui Holland said.

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"We were just shopping and browsing through some clothes when he heard that Beyonce might be coming so we ran upstairs so we could stake out our spot."

Another fan described watching her on television at Glastonbury the previous night, only to see her in person the next day.

"I wasn't even a Beyonce fan until I saw her on TV yesterday, so imagine my luck when I saw her face to face. It was amazing!"

Piers Morgan's interview with the platinum selling artist ranged on topics from her new album "4", her relationship with husband Jay-Z and even race relations. Read a review of the new album

"I've kind of broken barriers and I don't think people think about my race," Beyonce told Morgan.

"I think they look at me as an entertainer and I'm very happy that's changing."

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