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Michael Jackson was murdered, sister LaToya tells Piers Morgan

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • LaToya Jackson: "Michael told me they were going to murder him"
  • Conrad Murray, the pop star's personal doctor, faces trial for involuntary manslaughter
  • Second anniversary of Michael Jackson's death is Saturday

(CNN) -- Michael Jackson's sister, LaToya, remains unshaken in her belief that the late pop icon was murdered.

LaToya Jackson unwaveringly restated the claim she first made after her brother's death two years ago -- a conviction that is shared by other family members -- in an appearance on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight." The interview is scheduled to be broadcast Tuesday.

Not only that, but Jackson told Morgan that her pop star brother told her he'd been targeted for murder before his death.

"I would never, ever think differently," Jackson said of her belief that the iconic performer's death resulted from foul play. "Michael told me that they were going to murder him. He was afraid. He was afraid for his life."

Without naming anyone, LaToya Jackson described those she believes killed him as "the people who were controlling him."

"People come into your life, wiggle their way in, control you, manipulate, control your funds, your finances, everything that you have. And you must do what they tell you to," Jackson said. "That's what Michael was going through and he knew that everything that was happening to him was not kosher. It wasn't right and it disturbed him greatly."

Michael Jackson's personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, faces trial for involuntary manslaughter in the pop star's death on June 25, 2009. The second anniversary of Jackson's death is Saturday.

Authorities say Murray, who had been treating Jackson for insomnia, was responsible for giving his patient a fatal overdose of a powerful anesthetic.

Murray's lawyers have suggested that a frustrated and sleepless Jackson may have self-ingested the fatal dose while the doctor was out of his bedroom.

Several members of the Jackson family have said they suspect that Michael Jackson's death was the result of a murder conspiracy, although they've not made public any evidence.

After a June 2010 hearing for the defendant that was attended by Jackson family members, Michael Jackson's brother, Jermaine, told reporters that "Dr. Murray's the fall guy."

"This is bulls**t," Jermaine Jackson said.