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CNN -- Mumbai -- a city that stirs the senses with its riot of sound and colour. It's home to 20 million people and also the world's largest film industry -- Bollywood.

Every day, 10 million Indians escape the routine of their daily lives to spend three hours immersed in the world of song, dance and romance.

So what is the formula and why does it work? What gives a Mumbai movie its magic? Icon goes to meet the King of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan and legendary choreographer, Farah Khan, to find out.

Music is a vital component in Hindi films. In fact, the film's soundtrack is released before the movie, in the hope that a catchy song will lure people into the cinemas. Myleene Klass goes to get a masterclass in Bollywood beats from the man they call "The Mozart of Madras." Composer AR Rahman is the man behind the Oscar-winning soundtrack for "Slumdog Millionaire" and has sold more albums than the Beatles. So what makes a tune a Bollywood hit?

New technology has created new vistas of sound for AR Rahman but the digital age has not been so kind to other Bollywood artists. Movie posters that were once hand painted have now been replaced by computer images. Icon tracked down Bollywood's last remaining poster painter to discover if the digital revaluation has rendered the paintbrush redundant.