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Panetta visits Pentagon day after confirmation vote

By Larry Shaughnessy, CNN Pentagon Producer
  • Panetta walks Pentagon's long hallways
  • He was confirmed by the Senate in a rare 100-0 vote

Washington (CNN) -- Leon Panetta, the incoming defense secretary, visited the Pentagon Wednesday, a day after the Senate confirmed him by a rare 100-0 vote to replace Robert Gates.

During his confirmation process, his contact with the Pentagon was very limited -- but he was seen walking the building's legendary long hallways mid-morning.

Gates plans to retire June 30, leaving the Pentagon roughly four and half years after taking the job.

When CNN asked Panetta, currently the CIA director, if he should be called "Mr. Director or Mr. Secretary" Panetta smiled and said, "Call me anything you like."

About his swearing in as defense secretary, Panetta said, "That will happen sometime next week."