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Excerpts of Palin's e-mails: 'Pray for mama's strength'

By the CNN Wire Staff
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Palin e-mail praises Obama on energy

Juneau, Alaska (CNN) -- Some highlights from the 24,000 pages of e-mails from Sarah Palin's governorship, released Friday by Alaska state officials:


"Wonder how the Bitney replacement mention already got into the Ear. Sheeeesh -- I can trust people in this business as far as I can throw them ... another lesson for me that nothing is considered confidential to some folks, so fewer and fewer people should be brought in to 'think out loud' re: admin business."

-- Palin, August 26, 2007, referring to an item about staff changes in an Anchorage Daily News column


"Governor -- I received a call from Charles Adams, Communications Advisor Department for Senator McCain. Mr. Adams was inquiring as to whether or not you would be interested in participating in a National Press Call on Wednesday, 08.06.08. This would be with their National Pool of Reporters. It has very good attendance on calls. It would help the elected official. It would be a total of 15 minutes of your time and would be in regards to Energy. They do these National Press Calls each week. This is tentative at this time depending on your interest to participate."

-- Palin scheduler Janice Mason, August 4, 2008


"I could do this, time depending on the tentative Bethel trip?"

-- Palin's response, same day


"Hi again - another head's up: If all goes according to (Track's!) plans, he'll be enlisting in the US Army, active duty, tomorrow. He doesn't want any publicity on this, tho it sounds like a Seattle media person already called bc [because] it may be that there aren't many, or any, US Govs who have a son recently enlisting. I warned him that the media may make a little deal out of it, but we don't desire such a thing bc Track is enlisting for his own right reasons and he's just anxious to go serve (without any publicity). And I'm proud of him for doing so. Thanks! And pray for mama's strength through this! :)"

-- Palin announcing her son's decision to join the military to top staff, September 10, 2007


"Marty/Joe: What came of the public messaging mission discussed two wks ago in my office re: our first committment [sic] to in-state use of our gas ... 'Putting Alaskans First'? I didn't see anything come out on that in the public. I ask bc now Sen. Stevens will be publicly testifying that that MUST be the top priority- I'm telling him that it is, but we haven't articulated that well enough (evidently), but that is my consistent committment and message: in-state use of our resource for Alaskans to be served."

-- Palin on her gas pipeline proposal, July 1, 2008


"Someone recommended to me that we study the alaskan model of revenue distribution back to the citizens and get bills introduced in the state legislature in california florida and elsewhere that if they do go to offshore drilling they should split the revenue stream with a specified amount (maybe half) going to the citizens as a direct benefit.

"How much does each alaskan get?

"What share of the oil revenue goes to state government and what share would go to the citizens?

"Do you have an expert who could explain all this to me?

"Would you be interested in writing or talking about this?



-- Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich to Palin, July 22, 2008


"Recently I heard Governor Palin interviewed by Larry Kudlow on CNBC, and I think that she would make a first-rate running mate for Senator John McCain. What can we do to encourage Senator McCain to put her on the ticket? She is clearly a very winsome political leader. Congratulations to Alaska for choosing such a governor. Go Sarah!"

-- South Dakota resident William McKane to Palin, June 29, 2008


"Dear Governor Palin, We have heard of your daughter's current situation and would love to provide her with one of our wedding dresses for her wedding for free. We realize this is a personal matter, but we have many customers in the same situation."

-- Elizabeth Stack, Nicole Maternity Wholesale Distributors, on Palin daughter Bristol's pregnancy, September 2, 2008. Bristol and boyfriend Levi Johnston later broke off their engagement.


"In addition to the many things the governor has already pointed out I think we should still let kyle know that Gov Palin has spend only $115 k on travel in 20 months -- nearly 2 years!! Vs. Murkowski's half million in his last 12 months in office!"

-- Palin aide Ivy Frye to the governor, July 10, 2008, after the Anchorage Daily News reported that the state had paid for one of Palin's daughters to accompany her on a trip.


"As usual I'm just hearing on the news of our troops being deployed (with ceremonies) to Afgh [Afghanistan] ... and Sean just asked if I'm going to funeral today for five of our soldiers -- I had to tell him I haven't been told of deployment nor funeral! Why doesn't McHugh [McHugh Pierre, spokesman for the state Department of Military and Veterans Affairs] let me know what's going on with "my" troops so I can help honor them?? I've asked repeatedly to be in the loop and it's unacceptable to still not be given info on military activities that I am expected, and should, be participating in. I usually see it on the news after-the-fact, and that's unacceptable."

-- Palin to chief of staff Mike Tibbles, press secretary Sharon Leighow, longtime aide Kris Perry, August 30, 2007


"Guys, I may be pretty wimpy about this family stuff, but I feel like I'm at the breaking point with the hurtful gossip about my family that Sherry [Sherry Whitstine, an Alaska blogger] and others get away with. Bear with me. I hate this part of the job and many days I feel like it's not worth it when they have to put up with the hate that spews from people like Sherry, and there are others."

-- Palin, July 9, 2008, to several top aides

-- CNN's Drew Griffin, Kathleen Johnston and Katie Glaeser contributed to this report.