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Democrats insist Weiner Twitter post is no scandal

By the CNN Wire Staff
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Rep. Weiner: 'Prank was successful'
  • Democratic legislators dismiss questions over Twitter photo
  • Nancy Pelosi: "If that's what's important to you, that's what you'll report"
  • Donald Trump says Rep. Anthony Weiner is either "incompetent" or "lying"
  • Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart wants an investigation

(CNN) -- Top Democrats in the House are giving no credence to those looking for a real scandal over a lewd picture that appeared on the Twitter account of New York Congressman Anthony Weiner.

California's Nancy Pelosi, the House minority leader, stuck to her party's main legislative focus Thursday -- "Medicare, Medicare, Medicare." When questioned as to whether the situation was turning into a distraction, Pelosi replied "That's your problem. If that's what's important to you, then that's what you'll report. That's not what's important to us."

Weiner has insisted that he did not post the photo, which shows the lower body of a man wearing underwear. The image appeared briefly on the New York representative's Twitter account Friday night. Weiner says he doesn't know where the picture came from and he believes his account was hacked as a prank. He told reporters Wednesday that he has hired a private firm to investigate.

Weiner told CNN Thursday that he intends to "get back to work doing the job that I'm paid to do."

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, D-Maryland, said he wanted to go over the facts before offering comments. He said it was a serious issue, and that it is important to maintain privacy.

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On the other side of the spectrum, Donald Trump, who recently considered a presidential run, weighed in on the issue. He told CNN's Piers Morgan that Weiner is either "incompetent" or "lying."

The conservative blogger who broke the story has been calling for a full investigation of what he describes as either the hacking of a congressman's account or something Weiner wants to hide.

Andrew Breitbart runs the conservative website, which first reported the photo on Weiner's Twitter account. He has told CNN that the case warrants further inquiry by the FBI and U.S. Capitol Police.

It was Breitbart who posted the heavily edited and incomplete video of a speech by U.S. Agriculture Department employee Shirley Sherrod last year. The version he placed online suggested that she refused to offer her full help to a white farmer and Sherrod was forced to resign.

A full version of the speech showed that Sherrod had assisted the farmer, who later came forward and credited Sherrod with helping save his farm.

Sherrod has since filed a civil suit, accusing Breitbart of defamation, false light and infliction of emotional distress, according to a statement issued by the law firm representing her. is also named as a co-defendant in a lawsuit filed by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, over secretly recorded videos that proved deeply embarrassing to the agency. The video shows two conservative activists, posing as a pimp and prostitute, seeking advice from ACORN workers on setting up a brothel.

The videos, which were posted on Breitbart's website, prompted a groundswell of action against the organization, including a limited investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice and a slashing of funds from the federal government and several states.