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Obama warns terror fight continues after bin Laden death

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • President Barack Obama says the war against al Qaeda will go on
  • Obama says, "We will never waver in the defense of this country"
  • Obama speaks at the 130th commencement for the U.S. Coast Guard Academy

New London, Connecticut (CNN) -- President Barack Obama reiterated his administration's warning Wednesday that Osama bin Laden's death does not mean an end to the U.S. war against al Qaeda and other extremist organizations, telling a group of graduating U.S. Coast Guard cadets that "the hard work of protecting our country ... goes on."

The "terrorist leader who attacked America on 9/11 will never threaten America again," Obama said. "We will never waver in the defense of this country we love."

The president made his remarks during the 130th commencement for the Coast Guard Academy. Obama's speech was his third to a service academy graduating class since becoming commander in chief.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano joined the president for the occasion.

"Our American journey has always been propelled by a spirit and strength that sets us apart," Obama said. "When tough times inevitably come ... we remember our moral compass (and recall) that we're all in this together."

He said, "Here in America anything is possible. We each do our part, knowing that we have navigated rough seas before and will do so again."