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Political Circus: Obama to reporter: 'Let me finish'

By Ed Hornick, CNN
President Barack Obama faces a grilling from a Dallas TV reporter Monday.
President Barack Obama faces a grilling from a Dallas TV reporter Monday.
  • President Barack Obama has a testy exchange with a Dallas TV reporter
  • A new effort in New York is under way to outlaw kickball?
  • Late-night comics have fun at Donald Trump's expense

Washington (CNN) -- Politics is serious business -- but not all the time.

Will there be a next time?

President Barack Obama got into a somewhat tense exchange with a Dallas TV reporter during an interview Monday at the White House.

After the interview was over, Obama advised WFAA-TV's Brad Watson to "let me finish my answers the next time we do an interview, all right?"

Obama was grilled on a variety of topics -- especially on if he's trying to put Texas in play for the 2012 election. Texas is, after all, a solid Republican state, which he lost in the last presidential election.

"We lost by a few percentage points in Texas," he started before Watson corrected him, saying, "Well, you lost by about 10."

And cue Obama: "I understand. If what you're telling me is that Texas is a conservative state, you're absolutely right."

Mediaite's Colby Hall notes that "Watson was far more interested in promoting his challenging stance than anything the president said, evidenced by how much of Watson's voiceover and questions are featured instead of Obama's answers."

Is kickball too dangerous for kids?
Is kickball too dangerous for kids?

No more kickball?!

"State bureaucrats have identified a potentially deadly hazard facing our children this summer -- freeze tag.

"That's right, officials have decided the age-old street game -- along with Wiffle Ball, kickball and dodgeball -- poses a 'significant risk of injury.' " -- New York Daily News

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