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Political Circus: Congressman no fan of iPad

By Ed Hornick, CNN
Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Illinois, takes to the House floor to lament the consequences of the Ipad's popularity.
Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Illinois, takes to the House floor to lament the consequences of the Ipad's popularity.
  • Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. blasts Apple's iPad, accusing the popular tablet of "killing jobs."
  • Potential 2012 GOP candidate Rick Santorum faces questions about origins of campaign slogan
  • Bob Woodward is no longer banned from the Nixon Library

Washington (CNN) -- Politics is serious business -- but not all the time.

Wonder what Steve Jobs thinks ...

U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is taking on Apple's popular tablet, the iPad, saying it's "killing jobs."

"A few short weeks ago I came to the House floor after having purchased an iPad and said that I happened to believe, Mr. Speaker, ... this new device ... is now probably responsible for eliminating thousands of American jobs," the Illinois Democrat said Friday on the House floor (here in a video posted on RealClearPolitics).

More from Jackson: "Now Borders is closing stores because, why do you need to go to Borders anymore? Why do you need to go to Barnes & Noble? Buy an iPad and download your newspaper, download your book, download your magazine."

About that slogan ...

ThinkProgress reports that potential 2012 GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum's new slogan -- "Fighting to Make America America Again" -- is incredibly similar to the title of a "pro-union poem by gay poet Langston Hughes, 'Let America Be America Again.' "

ThinkProgress likely cited the "gay poet" line because of controversy over previous Santorum remarks about the gay and lesbian community.

After being informed about the news, Santorum told ThinkProgress that he had "nothing to do with (it). ... I didn't know that. The folks who worked on that slogan for me didn't inform me that that's where it came from, if in fact it came from that."

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