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'I'm not confident' Afghanistan operation will work, Reid says

By Rebecca Stewart, CNN
  • Sen. Harry Reid shares thoughts on war in Afghanistan with CNN's Wolf Blitzer
  • U.S. "can't continue to keep dumping" $100 billion a year into the war, Reid says
  • I hope it's going well," Reid says, but Americans have a "very short attention span"

Washington (CNN) -- Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid expressed doubt in the U.S. military operation in Afghanistan Thursday, saying, "I'm not confident it's going to work."

In an interview that aired Thursday on CNN's "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer," the five-term Nevada senator said, "The president has indicated as commander-in-chief he is going to start drawing down the forces this summer."

Reid also noted the $100 billion the country is spending, calling it a "huge amount of money" that the nation "cannot continue to keep dumping" into the Afghanistan war.

Sharing his respect for Gen. David Petraeus, commander of coalition forces, Reid said, "I've talked to General Petraeus...and he thinks things are going well."

"I hope it's going well," he continued. "But the American people have a ... very short attention span."