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Political Circus: Even presidents get locked out

By Ed Hornick, CNN
President Obama found himself locked out of the White House on Wednesday.
President Obama found himself locked out of the White House on Wednesday.
  • The president gets locked out of the White House
  • Actor Ed Harris to play John McCain in new movie
  • Donald Rumsfeld discovers bling

Washington (CNN) -- Politics is serious business -- but not all the time.

Is someone trying to tell you something?

You know that paranoid fantasy that you'll get back to your job from vacation and find out they've changed the lock on your office? Well, it wasn't quite that bad for President Obama, but almost, CNN White House Producer Lesa Jansen writes.

Arriving back from a five-day trip to Latin America, the president and first family exited Marine One. Obama then walked along the White House colonnade, all the while being photographed.

And then came the lockout.

"The problem was apparently somebody didn't tell the staff that the president was coming back to work. The doors were locked. The commander in chief didn't miss a beat. He nonchalantly turned and walked to another set of doors partially obscured by some flowering spring bushes," Jansen reports.

And here former President George W. Bush thought he was embarrassed when he tried to open a locked door after a press conference in Beijing in 2005.

And the role of John McCain goes to ...

Actor Ed Harris, best known for his work in movies like "The Hours" and "Gone Baby Gone," is set to play the 2008 Republican presidential candidate in the HBO movie "Game Change" -- based on the 2009 book that chronicles the last presidential election.

Julianne Moore will play McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin.

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