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Rep. King has beefed up security

From Dana Bash, CNN Senior Congressional Correspondent
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Why King's at odds with Muslim Americans
  • Security has been increased ahead of a controversial hearing
  • The hearing is about American Muslim radicalization

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Washington (CNN) -- House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter King's own personal security has been stepped up ahead of a controversial hearing he is holding on American Muslim radicalization.

The increased security is because of concern around the hearing he plans to hold Thursday, which has drawn a good deal of anger and protest, King told CNN.

He described threats he is getting as a "combination of things" and said the decision to step up protection was made because of various "threat assessments." King also revealed to CNN that he has already had security protection with him at home in New York for the "last three or four months."

As the public learned following the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Arizona, most members of Congress do not have security protection, but King says that he now has someone either from the New York Police Department or the Nassau County Police with him at all times when he is in his district. He said this too was done because of threat assessments by law enforcement officials.