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Political Circus: What Michelle Obama wants for V-Day

By Ed Hornick, CNN
First Lady Michelle Obama weighs in on the perfect Valentine's Day gift.
First Lady Michelle Obama weighs in on the perfect Valentine's Day gift.
  • Group files complaint against lawmakers for sleeping in their offices
  • Abraham Lincoln gets a Twitter name
  • "Saturday Night Live" takes on former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak

Washington (CNN) -- Politics is serious business -- but not all the time.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

On "Live! with Regis and Kelly" last week, first lady Michelle Obama said her ideal gift for Valentine's Day is -- jewelry.

"You can't go wrong!" she said.

"But we don't make a big deal out of Valentine's Day, because my birthday was (January) 17th, and Christmas ... so by February 14th we're kind of tired."

The first lady went on to say that the president is quite the romantic.

'Abraham Lincoln just added you on Twitter'

That's something you don't see every day in your inbox.

"While scanning the Web for any New York City events commemorating Abraham Lincoln's birthday on Saturday, I discovered that the 16th president, who was assassinated in April 1865, is, in fact, on Twitter," writes the New York Observer's Tom Acitelli.

Honest Abe's twitter name -- @1865lincoln -- is actually part of the publicity for Robert Redford's new movie "The Conspirator."

"Still, the effort behind the Twitter feed, which officially launches on Feb. 12, Lincoln's birthday, seems a noble enough one: to not only promote the movie (of course) but also to present the president's words in a digestible form for the kids today," Acitelli added.

Other woman thinks there were other women

The problems keep coming for former New York Rep. Christopher Lee, who resigned last week after Gawker exposed photos of the shirtless Republican responding to a Craigslist ad.

Now the woman the images were intended for is speaking out to Gawker. So what does she think about his resignation?

"I wouldn't have thought he'd resign, over a few pictures and a few emails. I think maybe there's a bigger story behind his resignation. I'm sure there are other women out there he's met. My theory is, you don't get caught your first time out."

You'd think a new Harry Potter book was coming out

In this Getty Images shot, photographers surround copies of President Obama's budget released Monday.

Animal House on Cap Hill

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington filed an ethics complaint last week against members of Congress who call their office home.

In a post on its website entitled "The Capitol is Not A Frat House," the governmental watchdog group says those lawmakers who are looking to save money on rent -- or attempting to make a political point -- are violating tax law "by failing to report lodging as a taxable fringe benefit."

The group, citing press reports, counted at least 33 members -- 26 Republicans and 7 Democrats -- as part of the sleepover group.

"House office buildings are not dorms or frat houses," CREW Executive Director Melanie Sloan said. "If members didn't want to find housing in Washington, they shouldn't have run for Congress in the first place."

Headline of the day

Daily Beast: GOP Budget Cutters Target Big Bird

Quote board

"Does the sun revolve around the Earth? One in every three Russians thinks so, a spokeswoman for state pollster VsTIOM said on Friday." -- Reuters

"America, thank you. You propped up my regime for over 30 years. I could never have done it without all of your money and support and tear gas. You know what they say, Seth, behind every horrible dictator is an enabling super power. America, you are the wind beneath my wings." -- Actor Fred Armisen, playing former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, to Seth Meyers on "Saturday Night Live"

"This week, Iran's government has banned Iranian TV channels from showing cooking programs that present recipes for foreign cuisine. So look for Iran's new cooking show, 'Hummus again?!'" -- SNL's Meyers

"You know what made Mubarak the angriest? Just the fact that people were forcing him to resign while the coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers still has a job." -- Jay Leno

Getting the TSA treatment

Actor Sean Penn is known for his Oscar-winning performances. He's also known for his fiery temper. reports that Penn got into an argument with a Los Angeles airport employee and was "balking at going through the security line."

Soon after, he was taken aside by the TSA and patted down.