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Kristen Schaal: True love for stalkers?

By Jarrett Bellini, CNN
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Kristen Schaal gives sex advice
  • Kristen Schaal is known for playing Mel on HBO's "Flight of the Conchords"
  • Schaal is also a regular contributor on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show"
  • She recently published "The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex" with Rich Blomquist

Editor's note: Comedians are talking funny to CNN about various topics and we offer them for laughs in this feature of This JEST In.

(CNN) -- "I would like to tell all the stalkers out there to get a life, and they're never gonna love you. So find someone who will."

It's rather direct advice -- stern and to the point -- but at least Kristen Schaal ends with a smile and a bit of optimism.

"Find someone who will."

There's hope, and it comes from someone who's qualified. A real stalker! Well, that's not entirely true. Schaal's not a real stalker.

But she did play one on TV, and perhaps fans know her best as Mel, the lone, obsessed groupie of musicians Bret and Jemaine from the once-popular HBO hit "Flight of the Conchords."

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Of course, the Longmont, Colorado, native is also widely recognized for her voiceovers on the Fox animated comedy "Bob's Burgers," and for her recurring role as a regular contributor to Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," where she serves as the senior women's issue correspondent.

To the latter, in an April 2011 episode she discusses the shunning of women from the political process in the Middle East and suggests, "It's time women had their own holy land -- presenting the independent female republic of Vagistan."

Vagi being short for vagina, and stan being short for... stan.

In general, sex is a favorite topic for Schaal, and she recently published a book with her boyfriend, "Daily Show" writer Rich Blomquist, called "The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex."

"Daily Show," "Conchords" star gets animated

When she sat down with CNN, Schaal discussed her book and shared some special advice. Unless, of course, you work at a sex shop. In which case, it's not so special.

And you might see a spike in business.

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