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Stylish moms through the years

By Rachel Rodriguez, CNN
  • For many, track pants and "mom jeans" come to mind when thinking of moms and fashion
  • These moms prove that they were once stylish, earning the admiration of their children
  • See more stylish mom photos on CNN iReport

(CNN) -- Moms don't exactly have the best reputation for fashion. Track pants, food-stained shirts, and, of course, the infamous "mom jeans" come to mind.

But before they were moms, moms were just regular people. Many of them were stylish regular people -- which sometimes comes as a surprise to their kids.

"A few years ago, my brother, sister and I were getting ready to have a surprise anniversary party for my parents' 40th," says Kristen Mazza of Garden Grove, California. "We started getting all these photos together, some that my mom had already scanned and some we dug up as hard copies. At that time we really began to realize how fashionable she was. Well, my brother didn't care much, but my sister and I did."

She added, "When we were kids, my mom was trying to raise three kids and didn't have time for dressing up, I'm sure."

See Mazza's iReport tribute to her mom

Inspired by Piper Weiss' book, "My Mom, Style Icon," we asked CNN iReporters to share old photos of their fashionista moms for Mother's Day. The photos they sent, and the fashions their moms modeled, revealed much about the styles of the times. But they also revealed parts of their mothers' personalities that may not be the first thing that comes to mind when most of us think "mom."

Browse their photos and stories above to learn more about these oh-so-stylish moms and their admiring children.

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