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It's not all country in Nashville

By Danielle Paquette, Special to CNN
  • Fashion is eclectic in Nashville, said blogger Heidi Jewell
  • Different genres of music inspire different looks
  • Nashville's first Fashion week started Tuesday
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There is fabulous fashion beyond New York, Milan and Paris. In this series, CNN showcases trends in threads around the globe. Blogger Heidi Jewell of shares the Nashville style scoop.

(CNN) -- Fashion is loud in America's Music City.

Blogger Heidi Jewell, who's lived in Nashville for two years, said street trendsetters pair haute couture with cowboy boots, band tees with designer bags. Her website, Under the Guise, puts a spotlight on eclectic, innovative looks inspired by the arts.

San Francisco style

"[Nashville] is packed with designers, filmmakers, musicians and artists hailing from cities all around the world, each bringing their own sense of style along with them," she said. "It strikes a perfect balance between staying true to its heritage while maintaining a youthful, modern culture that keeps reinventing itself."

The city's first official Fashion Week, which commenced Tuesday, showcases local collections alongside national lines, including Betsey Johnson, Christian Sirianao and Gustavo Cadile. It's all part of Nashville's genre-bending melting pot.

Below, Jewell explains street style.

CNN: What influences fashion in Nashville?

Jewell: It goes without saying that the music industry definitely plays a part in the overall style. Of course, country music has an impact (which rocks and I would like to see more of it).

But a lot of people don't know there's an amazing indie/rock community here as well. Brilliant local musicians playing in tucked-away historic venues and residential basements are influencing looks inspired by '40s military, '80s club and British punk while standing shoulder to shoulder with Southern Belles sporting vintage summer dresses perfectly complimented by their favorite pair of worn in cowboy boots.

Boise street style

CNN: What styles are popular right now?

Jewell: It's hard to put my finger on a specific look that seems dominant, but mixing in vintage pieces is very popular among the people I photograph. There are some great thrift stores and locally owned boutiques that offer affordable one-of-a-kind Southern pieces scattered all throughout the city.

You could compare Nashville to L.A. in the sense that a large majority of people who move here have come in hopes of breaking into the entertainment industry. The end result is a community of aspiring artists and service professionals who have a more eclectic sense of style than you would expect from people serving you cocktails or manning the register at your favorite local record shop.

CNN: What do people wear on a night out?

Jewell: Weekend nights have been a bit more on the grunge side lately. Black-and-white striped tops, muscle tees, biker jackets, denim or leather vests, fur jackets. Converse All-Stars, ropers and Beatle boots. Whether it's a fedora or something more summery, hats are staple pieces as well.

CNN: Where do you shop in Nashville?

Jewell: I would have to say my top picks for clothing are Goodbuy Girls and Local Honey. For shoes, I'm a big fan of the locally run Etsy shops, Granny's Bootery and Reanimated Rags. For accessories, I like Pangaea.

CNN: How can fashionistas on a budget look great?

Jewell: Thrift! Or learn how to sew.

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