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Is civil rights photographer a hero or traitor?

Ernest Withers' lens captured pivotal moments in civil rights history. Now, FBI documents expose a darker angle. Soledad O'Brien investigates in "Pictures Don't Lie," an In America special, at 8 p.m. ET February 26.

(CNN) -- Last year, documents revealed that famed civil rights-era photographer Ernest Withers was an FBI informant. The news surprised many of his friends and family members. Withers had close access to civil rights leaders, but never spoke of ties to the FBI. Withers died in 2007.

In CNN's In America documentary, "Pictures Don't Lie Video," Soledad O'Brien examined reactions to the news and what it means about Withers' work and legacy.

Does it matter to you that Withers was an FBI informant? How do you think it affects his legacy? Does it change how you look at his photos? Do you think it's ever OK to "snitch," and under what circumstances? Share your comments below.