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New storm could be do-over for New York City

By Jessica Ravitz, CNN
As the latest big winter storm sets its sights on New York, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has a golden chance for a do-over.
As the latest big winter storm sets its sights on New York, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has a golden chance for a do-over.
  • The entire world knows Bloomberg blew the last snow job
  • With NYC girding for another big storm, government being handed a golden opportunity: The Do-Over
  • The Do-Over is a kind of second chance we all could use from time to time

(CNN) -- Yo, Mayor Bloomberg, you ready to try again?

By now the entire world outside of New York City (and yes, there is one) knows you blew the last snow job. Now, with your city girding for another big storm, you're being handed a golden opportunity: The Do-Over.

It's the kind of second chance we all could use from time to time, and you're not the only newsmaker to get one.

Here's our list of 10 do-overs that quickly came to mind, in no particular order. Readers, add your favorites in the comments section. And, who knows, maybe we'll do-over our do-over list?

Obama's swearing-in: Take one, take two


With the world watching on January 20, 2009, and with his hand on the Bible once used at Abraham Lincoln's 1861 inauguration, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts goofed when administering the oath of office to President Barack Obama. Roberts misplaced a word in the oath mandated by the Constitution. A do-over in the White House the next evening was missing the same watchful eyes and the nervous verbal stumble.

Second chance for Brad Womack

If at first you don't succeed in finding love on reality TV, try again. Three years ago, Brad Womack jolted two wannabe wives - and viewers of "The Bachelor" -when he couldn't choose either of the remaining contestants, sending both women home crying in their limos. Now he's back, with years of therapy under his bachelor belt, and promising not to let the big "C" --commitment issues -- get the best of him.

From bailout to bravo, GM revs up

Like others in the U.S. auto industry, General Motors, former maker of the Hummer, seemed to be driving on a course to destruction.

But a bankruptcy filing and a big government bailout later, the reorganized auto giant's electric hybrid is racking up "Car of the Year" awards. Leave it to the Chevy Volt to give GM a jolt.

Oops, Britney doesn't want to do that again

A paparazzi magnet, recording artist Britney Spears once let her self-destructive streak play out in the tabloids. The public watched as she nearly dropped her babies, was carted off to a psychiatric ward, sheared her head, explained a 55-hour marriage, gained weight and lost her edge.

An older, wiser and more grounded Spears now boasts a successful recent tour and a new single on iTunes -- showing redemption goes beyond new blonde extensions.

How 'bout them Apples?

Once the forced-out victim of a power struggle at the company he co-founded, Steve Jobs returned to Apple, brought it out of a slump and into its current tech glory.

Hailed a visionary the world over, Jobs and his products have earned a cult-like following -- never mind the iPhone 4 antennae problem.

Poor Pee-wee no more

Paul Reubens, of Pee-wee Herman fame, took a mortifying fall from grace when he was arrested years ago for indecent exposure in an adult theater. No longer in the shadow of shame, "The Pee-wee Herman Show" recently wrapped up a successful run on Broadway and has taped an HBO special set to air later this year. A movie is also in the making, showing the critically acclaimed comic and Pee-wee name can enjoy a mega-sized comeback.

Once, twice, three times Moonbeam

Once mocked for what some considered his "out there" ideas, Jerry Brown earned the monicker "Governor Moonbeam" in the '70s. Now with the Governator gone from California's leadership, and his opponent left to possibly hawk her campaign paraphernalia on eBay, Brown has reclaimed the title, one he's held twice before, and is out to show that he can shine when tackling serious business.

Taylor Swift's Kanye-free acceptance speech

When Taylor Swift accepted her award for best female video at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009, she got Kanyed. The oft-controversial Kanye West stormed the stage and grabbed the mike from the stunned young artist, hijacking her special moment. She got even later in the evening, when Beyonce, the one West ranted in support of, called Swift on stage for a do-over speech.

Waity Katie, waity world

The 2007 breakup of Prince William and Kate -- I mean, Catherine -- Middleton crushed royal-watching hearts.

But lucky for us, they decided to try again and now are preparing to give the world (and each other) a wedding millions vow to watch.

Now, what to wear?

Outrage bubbles up when Coke change falls flat

Proving that not all do-overs should happen, The Coca-Cola Company took a marketing misstep when it toyed with a trusted formula and brought us in 1985 a new taste in New Coke. Soda traditionalists rose up and the corporation listened, reintroducing what was lost. The rebranded original formula came back as Coca-Cola Classic, and the people burped a sigh of relief.