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Homemade signs display wide range of emotion after Joplin tornado

By Rachel Rodriguez, CNN
  • Joplin, Missouri, residents are using homemade signs to display their varying sentiments
  • Some display messages of thanks or hope, others are less optimistic
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(CNN) -- Photographer Christina Patton noticed something unusual while she was documenting tornado damage in Joplin, Missouri: signs. Lots of them.

Made mostly of spray paint on boards, houses, cars and debris, these homemade signs created by residents display every sentiment from "Obama go home" to "thank God your [sic] alive." Some display house numbers for identification purposes, and some read, simply, "all OK."

"Some [residents] use signs to show location, some patriotism, some thank helpers, others show their sad upset sentiment on the economy and worsened weather destruction," said Patton after a day of shooting the signs around Joplin. CNN producers noticed and documented signs in the area, too.

Click through the gallery above to see how Joplin residents are responding to the tornado damage and how they're sharing their feelings with the world.