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Florida officer recounts run-in with fugitive Dougherty siblings

By the CNN Wire Staff
Lee Grace and Ryan Edward Dougherty, center, and Dylan Dougherty Stanley were caught after an alleged crime spree.
Lee Grace and Ryan Edward Dougherty, center, and Dylan Dougherty Stanley were caught after an alleged crime spree.
  • Officer Kevin Widner was shot at by the three siblings
  • He was not hurt
  • The fugitives were captured Wednesday in Colorado

(CNN) -- A Florida police officer who was shot at by three fugitive siblings said Thursday he was glad the trio was apprehended without any civilian or police casualties.

Ryan Edward Dougherty, 21; his sister Lee Grace Dougherty, 29; and half-brother Dylan Dougherty Stanley, 26, were arrested Wednesday on a rural stretch of Colorado highway.

On August 2, Zephyrhills, Florida, Police Officer Kevin Widner was shot at from a car occupied by the siblings.

Widner wasn't injured, though numerous rounds were fired during a chase that reached up to 100 mph, according to the Pasco County, Florida, Sheriff's Office.

"I look forward to seeing these criminals receive the punishment they are due for putting my life in danger as well as many citizens they showed total disregard for," Widner said.

Dramatic end to sibling manhunt
Sheriff details siblings' arrests

Last week, Ryan Dougherty texted, "There's a time for all of us to die" after he was sentenced in Florida on a criminal charge, according to a Florida sheriff's office.

With that, authorities said the three siblings began a crime spree that included a bank robbery in Georgia and the attempted murder of Widner.

"At first I was like, wow, they're shooting at me," Widner said. "Then I just wanted to catch them before they could hurt anybody."

One bullet struck his car's tire, disabling his vehicle.

As a police officer, he had played out scenarios in his head where he was shot at, and his police training helped him through the incident, he said.

The Dougherty siblings led Colorado authorities on another chase Wednesday before crashing into a highway guardrail.

One brother stayed in the car. Another brother stumbled off through the brush to a couple of nearby businesses, only to be picked up by law enforcement officials after a citizen spotted him, authorities told CNN.

The sister, who wrote on her Flickr profile that she liked "causing mayhem with my siblings," tried to reload her automatic pistol, officials said. A police officer shot her in the leg. The three were all taken to a hospital with minor injuries, none of which are believed to be life-threatening, the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office said.

Colorado authorities said the trio spent Tuesday night in the San Isabel National Forest about 10 to 12 miles west of Colorado City. The Colorado Springs Gazette quoted a store employee as saying the three apparently purchased a tent at a recreation supply retailer in the city on Tuesday.

Their run ended Wednesday morning on Interstate 25 between Colorado City and the town of Walsenburg, authorities said.