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Man charged in White House fence jumping is released from custody

By Padmananda Rama, CNN
  • James D. Crudup was arrested after a White House security breach
  • The suspect jumped over a White House security gate Tuesday evening
  • Crudup was released from custody Wednesday
  • A magistrate judge requested that he undergo a mental-health screening

Washington (CNN) -- The suspect charged with breaching White House security by jumping over its security gate has been released from police custody, a court official said Wednesday.

District of Columbia Superior Court spokeswoman Leah Gurowitz told CNN that the suspect, identified by the Secret Service as James D. Crudup, appeared in court Wednesday afternoon.

The magistrate judge presiding over the hearing denied a request by the prosecution to keep Crudup, 41, behind bars. He is currently charged with one felony count for contempt.

The incident Tuesday was caught live on CNN's "John King USA" as armed Secret Service officers surrounded the suspect as he lay face down on the North Lawn of the White House. King was hosting his show from the North Lawn of the White House when the event occurred.

The judge at Wednesday's hearing set several requirements for Crudup's release, according to Bill Miller, spokesman for the U.S. attorney's office in Washington. One of those was for Crudup to verify his address with court authorities. While Secret Service officials told CNN after the incident that Crudup is homeless, court documents listed his address in Southeast Washington. The court also requested that he undergo a mental-health screening.

The initial complaint filed against Crudup charges that he stated to a special agent Tuesday night that "he wanted to be shot by a cop" because he felt like a "deadbeat dad." The complaint states that Crudup told the agent he has six children.

Crudup is not required to file a plea until a future court hearing. His next court date is August 23.