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New photos show weapons, cash recovered from Bulger apartment

By David Fitzpatrick and Deborah Feyerick, CNN Special Investigations and Documentaries
Weapons recovered from the Santa Monica apartment where James "Whitey" Bulger lived for 15 years.
Weapons recovered from the Santa Monica apartment where James "Whitey" Bulger lived for 15 years.
  • James "Whitey" Bulger was hunted by the FBI for 16 years
  • An FBI agent says Bulger had 15 different aliases during that time
  • Bulger and his companion were arrested in California in late June
  • Newly released photos show cash and weapons recovered from Bulger's apartment

Boston (CNN) -- Government prosecutors have released a series of new photographs showing cash, weapons and even a grenade recovered from the Santa Monica, California, apartment where fugitive James "Whitey" Bulger and his long-time companion, Catherine Greig, apparently lived for 15 years while he was being hunted by the FBI.

The photographs were introduced as evidence Monday during a detention hearing for Greig, whose court-appointed attorney is seeking to have her released on bail. FBI Agent Michael Carazza testified that agents found 30 weapons inside the apartment, some of them hidden behind living room and bathroom walls.

The evidence photographs show several handguns, one automatic rifle and a hand grenade the FBI says was recovered after it arrested Bulger in late June at the small apartment only a few blocks from the beach.

The government also released a brief security camera video of Greig walking in and out of a local drugstore, picking up a prescription, prosecutors said, that was under an assumed name. Bulger and Greig were known in Santa Monica as Charles and Carol Gasko.

Reaction to James Bulger's plea

One neighbor, 88-year-old Catalina Schlank, told CNN that the couple was always friendly to her. But, she added, they refused to be listed as an emergency contact in the event Schlank became ill, and the only phone number they provided was one that was directed to an answering service.

The detention hearing was to determine whether Greig will be granted bail on charges of harboring a fugitive. During the hearing, her attorney, Kevin Reddington, told the judge that his client was a "kind, gentle person" who had a "loving personality." For his part, Bulger had entered a plea of not guilty to 19 counts of murder.

Bulger fled Boston in 1995 after learning from an FBI agent who had recruited him as an informant that he was about to be indicted on a series of racketeering and drug charges. He spent those years, prosecutors said, in several cities before landing in California. Special Agent Carazza told the court Bulger had 15 different aliases during that time.