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Lawyer: Ex-Detroit mayor to be released from state prison

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • A Michigan parole board granted Kwame Kilpatrick his release, his lawyer says
  • The ex-mayor will get out next month, after spending 14 straight months in prison
  • He was sentenced for violating probation, related to his cover-up of an affair
  • Kilpatrick also faces numerous federal charges related to his time as mayor

(CNN) -- A Michigan parole board has voted to release Kwame Kilpatrick, the former Detroit mayor who was sent to state prison for violating probation related to a 2008 case against him, according to his lawyer.

Kilpatrick will be granted parole no sooner than July 24, attorney Dan Hajii said. If all occurs on schedule, he will have spent just over 14 months of his 5-year sentence at a state prison in Jackson, Michigan.

The former mayor pleaded guilty in September 2008 to two felony counts of obstruction of justice stemming from his efforts to cover up an extramarital affair. He also pleaded no contest to charges of assaulting a police officer who was attempting to serve a subpoena on a Kilpatrick friend in that case.

He then spent more than three months in jail, before being released in February 2009 on five years of probation. He was also ordered to pay restitution as part of his original plea deal.

But on May 25, 2010, Wayne County Judge David Groner sentenced Kilpatrick to five years in prison for failing to report assets that could be used to pay the restitution, a violation of his probation.

Hajii said that Kilpatrick met with Michigan parole officials "a few weeks ago." The meeting was not open to the public, and Hajii said that even he -- as the former mayor's attorney -- could not attend.

Kilpatrick will be subject to usual restrictions for parolees, plus an order to pay back what Hajii called $860,000 in restitution.

But even if he abides by all these conditions, the former mayor's troubles are not over. He also faces a host of federal charges related to his time as Detroit's chief executive, including racketeering, extortion, bribery and filing false tax returns.

CNN's Greg Morrison contributed to this report.