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Police search for female caller who launched hunt for bodies

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Investigators remain on the case despite futile search for bodies at Texas property
  • Police: Female caller had "detailed description" of residence
  • Cadaver dog was brought in but found no evidence of bodies

(CNN) -- Police are searching for a "tipster" who launched a frantic search for children's bodies in Texas, since their examination of the scene has turned up no evidence of murder.

"Investigators remain on the case," the Liberty County Sheriff's office said in a statement released Wednesday. "[They] are working to positively identify and locate the caller."

On Tuesday officials searched a property about 60 miles northeast of Houston, acting on calls from a female who contacted them on Monday night and again Tuesday morning. She said she had knowledge of children's bodies buried on the property, police said.

The woman provided a detailed description of the residence, according to the sheriff's statement. Her account included the interior and exterior of the single-story residence, along with the surrounding area.

Based on the serious nature of the information received, authorities decided it was "prudent" to investigate, the statement said.

When deputies arrived at the scene, they found visible blood on the back door and door frame, and noticed an odor of decomposition, according to the statement. Several features at the site matched information the female caller provided, and deputies decided to get a search warrant for the property.

When law enforcement personnel searched the residence and surrounding area with a cadaver detection dog, they found no evidence of bodies.

The Liberty County Sheriff's Office said that while they take such calls seriously, "no one should abuse in any way the services of Law Enforcement by placing or making any false statement or allegation which expends resources which could otherwise be used for a factual case."