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Casey Anthony's name now tied to 'chloroform' online

By Philip Rosenbaum, "Nancy Grace" Producer
  • Attorney for parents, brother says they have denied doing such searches
  • Some websites give explicit instructions for making chloroform

(CNN) -- An Internet search of "how to make chloroform" -- a key issue in the Casey Anthony murder trial - brings up more than 600 results from a variety of sources, some apparently serious, many sketchy and others totally irrelevant.

During testimony Wednesday from a computer analyst, prosecutors tried to establish a link between "chloroform" searches allegedly conducted on the Anthony family computer and the death of 2-year-old Caylee, Casey's daughter, months later.

Asked on HLN's "Nancy Grace" whether the defense could accuse Anthony's family of conducting the potentially incriminating searches, Mark Lippman, attorney for Anthony's parents and brother, said, ''Any of those allegations that they were doing any of these searches my clients certainly refute.''

Lippman added that they have previously denied that in depositions and courtroom testimony. ''They didn't have anything to do with this,'' he said.

Google searches today with phrases including the keyword chloroform bring dozens of instances of Casey Anthony's name on speculative blogs and news sites that follow the case in overwhelming detail.

The first hit on Google is, which tells readers it ''is possible for you to make chloroform at home'' and warns in the next sentence that this chemical should be used ''as a solvent and nothing else.''

One would need several items, including a pitcher, acetone, water, ice and ''shock powder'' or calcium hypochlorite, which the site says is used for swimming pools. Casey Anthony's defense attorney, Jose Baez, said in opening statements that Caylee drowned in a pool accident at the Anthony family home.

For many of the websites, it was not clear who set up them up, who maintains them and why they exist.

One site links to a 6 1/2-minute video on YouTube that provides step-by-step instructions for making the chemical. Viewers see just the unidentified preparer's hands and hear a male voice warning that only chemists should make chloroform. Including too much acetone in the mix, for instance, creates a violent reaction that can increase the compound's dangers.

On another site, a blogger who signs off as "Techie'' says if anyone uses this for anything other than as a solvent ''it is your own fault.''

According to Wikipedia, chloroform is a colorless, sweet-smelling liquid and several million tons of it are made annually to be used in industrial applications.

Some of the Casey Anthony-related search results for chloroform reveal headlines with graphic references to the Orlando trial. Among them are ''neck breaking'' and ''making weapons out of household products,'' terms searched on the Anthony computer, prosecutors say.

''Casey Anthony searched for Chloroform recipes (Not Cookie Recipes!)'' and "Knocking out kids with chloroform?" also come up as the minutiae of the case gains worldwide notoriety.

At the same time, less relevant results include "Edison, His Life and Inventions." Another result discusses making the drug LSD.