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Kentucky police say suspect abducted, killed pregnant woman

By Katie Silver, CNN
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Police investigate suspicious birth
  • Kathy Michelle Coy, 33, arrived at a hospital with a baby boy, claiming he was hers
  • Police investigated, and found remains of Jamie Stice, 21, in Oakland, Kentucky
  • Tests are being conducted to determine whether the baby is Stice's
  • Baby, who was due on May 24, is "healthy," the father says
  • Kentucky
  • Crime

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(CNN) -- A Kentucky woman was arrested Thursday on charges of kidnapping and murdering a pregnant woman, police said, and tests were being conducted to determine whether she took the victim's child.

Authorities at Bowling Green Medical Center called police Wednesday about a "suspicious birth" after a woman identified as Kathy Michelle Coy, 33, arrived at the hospital with a newborn boy claiming it was hers, said Jonathan Biven, a spokesman for the Kentucky State Police in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

In an ensuing investigation, detectives located the remains of 21-year-old Jamie Stice in a wooded area off a highway in Oakland, Kentucky.

Investigators were performing forensic testing to determine whether the baby is a genetic match to Stice, Biven added.

The baby is "healthy, and that's a miracle, especially under the circumstances," James Reynolds, who CNN affiliate WBKO reported is the baby's father.

The baby was due to be born on May 24, Reynolds added.

Reynolds said the baby would be in the hospital for a few weeks, WBKO reported.

"She was robbed of her motherhood," Stice's cousin Carolyn Miracle said.

Miracle told CNN that the couple knew Coy, having met originally on Facebook and numerous times face to face.

According to Miracle, Coy had told the couple she was associated with a "Bibs" program that would help provide diapers and clothes for her newborn.

She said Coy had told people she was expecting a baby.

"From what I've gathered she'd told everybody she was pregnant -- her family, husband friends," Miracle said.

Coy is expected to be formally arraigned Tuesday. It was not immediately clear whether Coy had acquired legal counsel.