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Army private accused of rape escapes custody

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • The suspect escapes from a military van, authorities said
  • The family of the alleged victim has been notified about the escape
  • The suspect may have a handgun, authorities said

(CNN) -- Authorities were searching late Monday for an Army private who escaped military custody and is also accused of raping a 15-year-old.

Daniel Brazelton, 20, was being held in a jail in Georgia and was scheduled to be extradited to Los Angeles to face charges of rape of a minor, the L.A. County Sheriff's Department said.

On Friday, Brazelton was taken from the jail in Hinesville, Georgia, to nearby Fort Stewart for medical reasons. When he was being taken back to the jail, he escaped from an Army vehicle.

"Investigators believe he is possibly armed with a handgun and is considered dangerous," said Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Captain Mike Parker. "He most likely is receiving help in evading law enforcement and may be attempting to return to Los Angeles County."

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The family of the alleged victim has been notified of the escape and police officers and the Army are searching for him, the L.A. Sheriff's Department said.