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Burglary at New Jersey perfume warehouse foiled, police say

By Logan Burruss, CNN
  • Five men disabled warehouse alarms, returned with trucks, official says
  • They were arrested while trying to load perfume onto trucks, he says
  • They're charged with burglary, theft, conspiracy, resisting arrest and eluding
  • All five plead not guilty at arraignment

(CNN) -- New Jersey police say they foiled an attempted heist of more than half a million dollars worth of perfume, capturing the suspects on camera during the crime.

Five men in ski masks allegedly forced their way into a warehouse in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, on Saturday, police spokesman Steven Jones said.

The men allegedly disabled alarm systems and returned hours later with box trucks. Jones said detectives, who were in the warehouse throughout the incident, called for backup and arrested the men as they were trying to use warehouse forklifts to load Ed Hardy perfume into the vehicles.

Alonis Perez, Yoandry Cue, Danilo Pena, Leonel Rodriguez and Rolando Ravelo are charged with burglary, theft, conspiracy, resisting arrest and eluding.

The men, described by Jones as "real professionals," are also being investigated in connection with other thefts, as their arrest comes after a slew of large cargo heists in the area.

All five men pleaded not guilty at their arraignment Wednesday, said Cathy Curtis at the Essex County Prosecutor's Office. No court date has been set.