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Amre Moussa, Egyptian Presidential candidate
Amre Moussa, Egyptian Presidential candidate
  • MME talks to Egyptian Presidential candidate Amr Moussa
  • Libya's banks are strapped for cash creating difficulties for all sides in the ongoing conflict
  • Unrest in Yemen is causing further economic difficulty for an already fragile economy

(CNN) -- FACETIME: Amr Moussa, Egyptian presidential candidate

Ongoing dissatisfaction ahead of Egypt's upcoming elections has prompted more demonstrations and fears of a "second revolution" in the country's capital. This week MME sat down with Amr Moussa the former Arab League Secretary-General and a current Egyptian presidential candidate to discuss Egypt's future path.

IN FOCUS: Libya's banking crisis

As NATO strikes continue in Libya, months of civil war have left many banks strapped for cash because their main sources of funds from the country's Central Bank have been cut off. But residents in places like Misrata still desperately need money. MME reports on the impending cash crisis hitting Libya.

IN FOCUS: Yemen's fragile economy

The people of Yemen, who live in one of the poorest countries in the Arab world, have relied on foreign aid and remittances from abroad to sustain their economy. But as violence continues, MME takes a look at how the already fragile economy is being hit hard and is setting the stage for even more violence.

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