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Iraq hopes to boost it's oil production  by 2017
Iraq hopes to boost it's oil production by 2017
  • This week MME takes a look at how unrest in Syria is impacting the economy
  • Plus a look at how Iraq wants to boost oil production by 2017
  • Is Iraq setting itself realistic goals?

(CNN) -- IN FOCUS: Syria's knock-on effect

The violence in Syria is meeting with international outcry. This week Washington is exploring tighter sanctions on Syria. But the unrest is already impacting the economy. MME looks at how it's having a knock-on effect on business across the border in Lebanon, as well as the wider region.

IN FOCUS: Iraq oil ambitions

Iraq is pumping up its oil aspirations. In October, it raised its assessment of proven oil reserves by almost 25%. Next January, Iraq plans to auction twelve oil exploration zones to international companies. The auction will be the fourth such sale. If its oil ambitions are realized, Iraq hopes to boost production capacity to 10 million barrels a day by 2017. But are these realistic goals?

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