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Is the EU-MED agreement too late?
Is the EU-MED agreement too late?
  • This week MME takes a look at rebuilding Euro-Med
  • Plus Facetime with George Papaconstantinou
  • How would a Euro-Med partnership benefit Greece?

(CNN) -- IN FOCUS: Rebuilding Euro-Med

With the Gulf States flexing their economic and political muscle, it's back to basics for Europe. Mediterranean countries are trying to reignite the strong historical ties and tap into a lucrative market. But after years of indecision and stalling over an EU-MED agreement, MME takes a look at whether it is too late.

FACETIME: George Papaconstantinou, Greek Finance Minister

With mounting debt, a huge deficit and a downgraded credit rating, Greece is struggling with recession. But the country wants to leverage its unique position at the heart of the Mediterranean to serve as a gateway between Europe and the Middle East. MME sat down with Greek Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou to discuss how his country can benefit from a Euro-Med partnership.

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