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Dalglish defends players over t-shirts

updated 10:18 AM EST, Fri December 23, 2011
Liverpool players show their support for teammate Luis Suarez prior to their match with Wigan.
Liverpool players show their support for teammate Luis Suarez prior to their match with Wigan.
  • Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish defends his players over Luis Suarez t-shirts
  • Suarez was handed an eight-game ban for using racist words at Patrice Evra
  • Liverpool players showed support for Suarez by wearing t-shirts bearing his name

(CNN) -- Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has defended his side's decision to wear t-shirts in support of teammate Luis Suarez, despite the striker being found guilty of using racist language by the English Football Association.

Suarez was banned for eight matches this week after the FA deemed he had used insulting words to Manchester United defender Patrice Evra, which referenced the color of the Frenchman's skin.

However, Suarez denies any wrongdoing and, prior to Wednesday's 0-0 draw at Wigan, his Liverpool teammates backed the Uruguayan international by wearing t-shirts bearing his name.

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This action has prompted criticism on some social media sites, with Dalglish using Friday's press conference for Monday's match against his former club Blackburn to defend his players' actions.

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"I don't think the players have caused any trouble with the FA by their t-shirts. If we are not in any trouble we will leave it at that before we do get in any trouble."

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Dalglish added: "Luis has been quite emotional and very grateful for the support.

"I don't think it is ever a disappointment when the people you work for give you their undivided support and I think that is the least he deserves."

The club are still to decide on a possible appeal against Suarez's ban, with Dalglish continuing: "Most of the people have had their say, we've had our say but we will wait for the judgment and take it from there."

Meanwhile, former Manchester United and Aston Villa defender Paul McGrath has criticized Glen Johnson for wearing the t-shirt.

Johnson is the only black player in Liverpool's first team squad and McGrath, speaking on radio station talkSPORT, said: "If I was in Glen Johnson's situation, I'd have thrown the shirt to the floor.

"If that had been someone in my era, and I'd heard the comments, then I would not wear a t-shirt with his name on it, saying all is well and good here."

However, England full-back Johnson hit back at McGrath on his Twitter site, saying: "I will support who i want when i want!!! There are a lot of reasons why I'm standing by Luis Suarez!!!"