Eaton's challenge: Making 2-D art on 3-D objects going 100 mph

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    Tristan Eaton describes his artwork

Tristan Eaton describes his artwork 01:03

Every 'Next Lister' sees the world differently.  They innovate and solve problems in divergent ways as well.  

Here at "The Next List," CNN's new show about innovators, we lift the hood and let you see how these change agents are transforming the world.  And we hope they're an inspiration to you.

Our most recent 'Next Lister,' Tristan Eaton, is an extremely prolific artist whose work ranges from graffiti art to graphic design to custom-designed toys.  In this 'TNL Extra,' Eaton describes how painting motorcycles has informed his art.

"With painting motorcycles you have to wrap a 2-D graphic around a 3-D surface that you can see at 100 mph," he  says.  "Same thing with a toy -- it's gotta pop off the shelf in a similar fashion."

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