Pakistan recalls some troops from posts on Afghan border

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  • Pakistan recalls several soldiers from posts along its border with Afghanistan, military officials say
  • Move comes amid heightened tensions with the United States following a NATO attack that killed Pakistani troops
  • The recall is part of an investigation into the NATO airstrike, military officials say

Pakistan has withdrawn several soldiers from posts along the country's border with Afghanistan following a NATO attack that killed two dozen Pakistani troops, military officials said Tuesday.

The military has called back one officer from each of four posts to army headquarters for consultation in an effort to improve communication with NATO forces on the border, said Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas, a military spokesman. The liaison posts on the border are meant to increase coordination between Pakistani, Afghan and NATO forces in Afghanistan.

The recall of the troops is part of Pakistan's investigation into the NATO airstrike November 26 that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers, two senior Pakistani military officials said.

The Pakistani troops are not suspected of doing anything wrong on the night of the NATO air strikes, said the officials, who declined to be identified because they were not authorized to speak to the media on the matter.

The move comes amid heightened tensions between the United States and Pakistan in the aftermath of the airstrike.

The United States is vacating an air base in Pakistan at Islamabad's request. And Pakistan boycotted a conference on the future of Afghanistan on Monday in Bonn, Germany.

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The Pakistani soldiers will return to their posts after the consultations are complete, Abbas said.