Chef Homaro Cantu: Sneak Peek


    Homaro Cantu: Molecular gastronomer


Homaro Cantu: Molecular gastronomer 02:06

In the words of Chef Homaro Cantu, "a molecular gastronomist is really just someone who explores the world of science and food."  Cantu is a chef who uses tools you wouldn't ordinarily find in a kitchen - sonifiers, lasers, and super conductors to name a few.

To save paper, Cantu serves his customers with edible menus.  And have you ever 'flavor-tripped?'  When experimenting in his two Chicago restaurants, Moto and ING, the real thrill for him is to make "something impossible. Creating something that shouldn't be."

A 'Second City' secret supper with Homaru Cantu

    Tune in to see Homaro Cantu make food beyond your wildest dreams and see why he's earned a spot on The Next List.

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