New York man on trial is accused of raping, then framing ex-girlfriend

Story highlights

  • Prosecutors say a woman who spent nearly seven months in jail was actually a crime victim
  • The woman was jailed on armed robbery charges
  • But prosecutors say her ex-boyfriend had framed her, after he had raped her
  • The ex-boyfriend is on now on trial on charges including perjury, conspiracy and rape
A man who allegedly raped his ex-girlfriend and then framed her for a series of armed robberies is standing trial in New York.
In what sounds like a case directly out of the TV series "Law & Order," Jerry Ramrattan, 39, was arrested in December 2010 after authorities were led to believe that he was involved in a plot to extract vengeance upon and discredit the alleged rape victim, according to Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown.
The woman is expected to take the stand this week in State Supreme Court in Queens.
"His alleged actions resulted in her, a single mother, being incarcerated for more than six months as she awaited trial and the frightening prospect of spending a lengthy time behind bars if convicted of the trumped-up charges," said prosecutor Brown.
Charges against Ramrattan include perjury, conspiracy and rape. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.
On March 8, 2009, the woman, a former Morgan Stanley analyst, was allegedly bound and raped in her home. Prosecutor Frank DeGaetano of the Queens district attorney's office told the jury that DNA evidence will prove she was attacked by her ex-boyfriend, Ramrattan.
Charges against Jerry Ramrattan include perjury, conspiracy and rape. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.
After hearing that a warrant was out for his arrest, Ramrattan turned himself in to a New York Police Department special victim's unit, according to authorities.
He made bail, then allegedly influenced and intimidated several people into fabricating a story that the 36-year-old woman and another man had robbed them at gunpoint.
Ramrattan also is accused of planting false evidence implicating the woman at fake crime scenes.
In addition, the false witnesses were shown altered photographs of the woman and the other man so they could identify the two to police, prosecutors contend.
Authorities were duped into believing the claims of armed robberies, and the two were arrested.
As a result, Ramrattan's former girlfriend spent nearly seven months in jail, separated from her young daughter. The other man was released on bail shortly after his arrest.
In December 2010, a police informant notified authorities about the alleged frame-up
Frank Kelly, Ramrattan's attorney, claims that his client did not intimidate nor fabricate anything related to the woman. In court last week, Kelly told the jury that "this story is nothing but lies, fabrication, embellishment, revenge and hate."
Kelly also told CNN that Ramrattan had no reason to set up the woman, and that her testimony regarding the alleged rape is not going to be believable because of inconsistencies.
So far in the trial, a police fingerprint expert has testified that following the alleged attack, Ramrattan's fingerprint was found on a piece of duct tape inside the woman's home. Kelly contends this evidence does little for the prosecution as Ramrattan paid frequent visits to the woman.
Kelly stands by his claim that his client is the one being set up. Ramrattan could face up to 25 years in prison if convicted.