Protesters in St. Louis arrested for defying city curfew

Story highlights

  • Protesters arrested after refusing to leave Keiner Plaza
  • Federal court denied protesters injunction to stay
  • The demonstrators failed to stop the eviction
Twenty-seven "Occupy St. Louis" protesters were arrested overnight after defying an existing park curfew, a police spokeswoman said Saturday.
Officer Donna Wisdom at the St. Louis police said the arrests took place Friday night into Saturday after protesters refused to leave Keiner Plaza, by the city's landmark the Gateway Arch.
According to CNN's St. Louis affiliate KTVI, a federal court denied protestors an injunction to stay in the park as apart of their protest against inequality. They have been camping at the park for several weeks, KTVI reported.
On Friday a lawyer for Occupy St. Louis went before a federal judge to try to stop the eviction and failed, KTVI reported.
Dump trucks are waiting to bring down the camps.
Matt LaMartina, a protester, told KTVI he will continue to to protest despite threats of arrest.
"I have talked to a lot of people here, a lot of students that have a tremendous amount of debt, the working poor that are having to work two or three jobs just to make ends meet," said LaMartina.
On Tuesday, KTVI reported that an unknown hacker broke into Mayor Francis G. Slay 's website and left the following message:
"You can remove the movement from the city, but you cannot remove the movement from your systems! The beginning is near".
The unknown hacker also disseminated a list of Mayor Slay's political supporters and 2,000 of his e-mails, KTVI reported.