Tennessee woman indicted in deaths of infant twins

Lindsey Lowe, 25, faces two counts of first-degree murder after newborn twins were found dead in her home.

Story highlights

  • Lindsey Lowe, 25, hid her pregnancy from family members, police say
  • She smothered newborn twin boys with her hand, an affidavit says
  • Police say she hid the bodies in a laundry basket
  • Prosecutors say they will not seek death penalty
Prosecutors will not seek the death penalty against a Tennessee woman accused of smothering her newborn infants, officials said Thursday.
A Sumner County grand jury indicted Lindsey Brooke Lowe on two counts each of first-degree felony murder, first-degree premeditated murder and aggravated child abuse, District Attorney Ray Whitley said.
"We reserve the death penalty for the worst of the worst," Whitley told CNN, citing a suspected mass murderer or an offender with a violent past as examples.
The mother has no criminal record and the crimes met only one of 16 aggravating factors that would support a death penalty case, the prosecutor said.
Lowe, 25, secretly gave birth to twin boys on September 12 in a bathroom in the Hendersonville home she shares with her parents, and then smothered the infants and hid their bodies in a bedroom laundry basket, police said.
According to a police affidavit, Lowe confessed, telling police she didn't look at either of the babies as she "placed her hand" over each child's mouth to stop them from crying.
She told authorities that she knew she was pregnant "almost the whole time" but that no one else -- including her family -- was aware, according to the affidavit.
Mother 'distraught' over death of twins
Mother 'distraught' over death of twins


    Mother 'distraught' over death of twins


Mother 'distraught' over death of twins 03:48
Both children were males and full term, weighing about 5 to 6 pounds, the affidavit said.
Her attorney, John Pellegrin, said in September that his client was "extremely distraught" both times he met with her in jail.
"This is an inexplicable situation and extremely sad for everyone involved," Pellegrin told HLN's Jane Velez-Mitchell.
A message CNN left for Pellegrin on Thursday seeking comment was not immediately returned.
Lowe will be formally arraigned November 18. If convicted, she would face potential consecutive life sentences on the murder charges, Whitley said.
She remains free on $250,000 bond, he said.