Man sues over 8-year-old wedding photos

Story highlights

  • Todd Remis says photographer missed key moments
  • He wants reimbursement, money to reunite wedding party for new pictures
  • He and wife Melina split in 2010; her whereabouts are unknown
  • Photography company co-owner calls suit "an absolute abuse of the legal system"
One unhappy divorcé has sued a photography company, hoping to re-enact his wedding from eight years ago and capture the moments missed by the original photographer, according to court documents.
Todd J. Remis is suing for a reimbursement of the $4,100 he paid for the photographs, as well as $48,000 to reunite the entire wedding party, including his ex-wife, and restage the event.
Daniel Fried, co-owner of H&H Photographers, said, "I've speculated so many times about why he's going to such an extent to sue us. Doesn't seem logical."
According to court documents, Remis claims the photographer missed key moments of the wedding, including the last dance and the bouquet toss.
However, according to the deposition, Remis was unable to recall who caught the bouquet or what song was played during the last dance. The exact whereabouts of his ex-wife, Melina, are unknown, though she is said to have returned to her native Latvia.
Justice Doris Ling-Cohan of the New York state Supreme Court has allowed the case to proceed despite throwing out a majority of it, including a charge of infliction of emotional distress.
Remis filed the lawsuit against H&H Photographers in 2009.
The couple's divorce was finalized in 2010.
The suit does not threaten H&H's 65-year business. Still, Fried says, "This case is taking away time and energy from what we do best. This lawsuit is an absolute abuse of the legal system."
Remis was not available for comment.