Lindsay Lohan's father arrested again

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  • Lohan has been admitted for overnight hospital observation, police said
  • Officers say they caught him after a short chase
  • Lohan may have broken his foot and is being evaluated by doctors
  • Michael Lohan jumped off a third-floor balcony to escape arrest, police said

Actress Lindsay Lohan's father jumped from a third-floor balcony Thursday to try to escape re-arrest, police said, but officers soon caught up with him and took him into custody -- again.

Officers detained Michael Lohan after his girlfriend, Kate Major, said he violated terms of his release from jail earlier this week by calling her, the Tampa Police Department said in a statement. Investigators arrested Lohan on suspicion of domestic violence after an incident on Monday night, but they let him out of jail after he posted bail.

Just after 1 a.m. Thursday, Lohan's girlfriend called police to say Lohan had violated the terms of his release by calling her, the police statement said. Lohan called his girlfriend again while she was talking with police, and she put him on speakerphone, it said.

After prosecutors authorized Lohan's re-arrest, officers went to a hotel, the Tahitian Inn, where he was staying.

"Upon seeing officers, he jumped out of a third-story balcony in an attempt to escape arrest," the police statement said.

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Officers took him into custody after a short chase and discovered after taking him to jail that he may have broken his foot, police said. Doctors were evaluating him.

Lohan is not expected to be released from Tampa General Hospital Thursday and has been admitted for overnight observation, said Tampa police spokeswoman Andrea Davis.

    Police responded to a domestic violence call at Michael Lohan's home Monday and arrested him for the battery of his live-in girlfriend, police said.

    Lohan told reporters Wednesday he "didn't lay a hand" on his girlfriend.

    "I did not hurt her," he said.

    Lohan also said he never was served with a restraining order to stay away from the woman. According to CNN Tampa affiliate WFTS, a Sarasota County judge issued a temporary restraining order Tuesday.

    Lohan, 51, was arrested in Los Angeles in March in connection with alleged domestic violence and was charged with one misdemeanor count of corporal injury to a cohabitant.

    The relationship between Lohan and his daughter has been publicly strained for years, although the two did undergo family counseling together during her treatment at the Betty Ford Center.