Kim Kardashian: 'Give us a year' to have kids

"I would go to Oklahoma City. We're not going to live a separate life," Kim Kardashian said about her husband Kris Humphries.

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  • Kardashian puts a time frame on baby making
  • The couple still find married life blissful
  • She explained what was behind a pre-wedding spat

Newlywed reality star Kim Kardashian has said she's ready for kids -- and now she's put a specific timeframe on the project.

"I think we want to figure out where he's going to play an where we're going to live [first]," Kardashian, 30, told Ryan Seacrest Friday on his KIIS-FM radio show of her plans to start a family with husband Kris Humphries, who is unsure which basketball team he'll play for while the NBA lockout is in effect.

But, she added cryptically, they will be thinking about the prospected date soon: "Give us a year."

She also says their lives are so entwined that she'd slow down her glamorous Los Angeles-New York lifestyle without a second thought if necessary.

Asked what she would do if Humphries was picked up by the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team, for example, Kardashian replied, "I would go to Oklahoma City. We're not going to live a separate life."

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And while the couple -- who is now based in New York -- is frenetically busy, they still find married life blissful.

"We are six or seven weeks in ... his is six and a half," she said. "I feel good. It was kind of crazy to go right from our wedding straight to New York."

    She added, "It's been work non-stop, and I think [Kris] finally appreciates all the hard work we do. It's like, 'I'm running off here to do this' ... there's so much going on. He finally gets it."

    Of course, things aren't always perfect. She explained what was behind a pre-wedding spat with her husband over wedding-planning duties.

    "I asked him to do a few things," she said. "And he kept on being so opinionated ... but when I asked him to do something, nothing would happen ... It would take him forever to do something. So I think I finally just lost it and was like, 'I can't do his seating chart, I can't do any of the things on his side of the family.' It was just really frustrating because all of my things were done. So I just lost it."

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