Fresh clashes rock Yemeni capital

Yemeni soldiers sit at the back of a military vehicle in Sana'a during an anti-government demonstration in August.

Story highlights

  • Republican Guards clash with troops loyal to a tribal leader
  • At least two people are killed and five others are injured, spokesman says

Fighting erupted Thursday morning between government troops and fighters loyal to a tribal leader in the Yemeni capital of Sana'a.

Republican Guards clashed with troops loyal to Sadeq Ahmar for two hours, witnesses said.

Two tribesmen died and five others were injured, according to Abdul Qawi al-Qaisi, the spokesman for the tribal leader.

"The Republican Guards attacked as usual. Who else is blood thirsty? They killed one and injured a number of others," the spokesman said.

At least 23 houses in the area were damaged, eyewitnesses said.

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CNN could not independently confirm the number of casualties or the damage.

"We can't even hope for peace in this country. As soon as one quiet day passes, the government starts clashing with either tribes or soldiers who joined the call for change in Yemen," said Saleem al-Mansoor, a resident of Sofan district, where the clashes took place.

    The Ahmar tribes first clashed with government forces in May when 12 days of fighting led to the death of more than 160 people.

    The tribes are supporting change in the country and have demanded the ouster of President Ali Abdullah Saleh .